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The story of Lacrosse begins as an expression of human experience, where spiritual belief and magic are entwined into the fabric of the game. To penetrate the Native American Indian game, one must enter a world where everything contains a spirit - animals as well as humans, stones and rocks as well as trees and plants.

Lacrosse games were highly ceremonialized expressions and players were required to undergo rituals before and after each match. Players and villages consulted with their Medicine Man for application of body paint, tying of luck charms, selection of equipment, creation of potions and the making of lacrosse balls.

The sacred nature of Lacrosse explains the paramount role of Medicine Man in nearly all of its ritual aspects. Whether a Lacrosse game was organized to train for war, bring fine weather, honor a deceased player, heal the sick or pay homage to the spirits, the Medicine Man was called upon. The Medicine Man functioned somewhat like today's coaches, but with an arsenal of magical powers to control a game's outcome.

Present day, the Medicine Man is symbol of game, life and experience. Through the shared identity of play; player and community connect through the game of Lacrosse to express their spirit. The harmonious assimilation of game connects us to the past, present and future.

Medicine Man embodies a unique point of view that encompasses the subtle intricacies of the game, the spirit and magic from its early beginnings and the passion of those who dedicate themselves to nurturing participation in their communities.

Our mission is to connect the community through the shared identity of play and express the foundational values on which lacrosse was established: to connect man with his spirit..



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