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The culture of Medicine Man believes in creating more opportunity for lacrosse growth at the youth level, promoting happiness and well-being of its participants, diffusing the culture and lacrosse influence throughout North America as well as promoting an appreciation for life and all its gifts. We strive to express this concept through our iniatives because we believe in Medicine Man as a symbol of game, life and experience through which the players that participate in the tradition and lifestyle of Lacrosse are connected to a unified body of common identity.

Medicine Man strives to promote its values of dedication, imagination, community and leadership while preserving the respect and integrity of the game the Native American Indians worked so hard to uphold. Through our brand we aim to fulfill our organizational objectives and goals to create positive impacts within the lacrosse community.

Our Values


Establish a solid foundation on which the growth of lacrosse can continue to flourish by spreading awareness of the sport and directing resources that allow communities to create long term successful lacrosse programs.


Reinforce the aspect of community in lacrosse by promoting shared values and a common love for the game. This organization values the connection and shared bonds formed through the shared passion for the lacrosse.


With every enterprise engaged by this organization, a promise is made that it delivers value and further encourages and inspires each and every player to aspire to their personal best in every part of their life.

-Medicine Man Supports Umatilla Reservation with Program Fees and Purchase of 15 Lacrosse sticks

-Medicine Man Launches New Lacrosse Forums and Social Stringers Network


October 11th, 2012

Medicine Man Lacrosse announces the purchase of 15 lacrosse sticks for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. October 11th, 2012 marked the first lacrosse clinic at the Umatilla Indian Reservation. It was presented by Rick Roy of Nadsitzaga Lacrosse, Cam Bomberry of Iroquois Lacrosse and organized by John Meade, Child Welfare Program Manager, State of Oregon DHS.

The Confederated tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation are made up of the Cayuse, Umatilla and the Walla Walla people. Residing in the area known as Northeastern Oregon/Southeastern Washington, the three bands were united as a single tribal government in 1949. Currently, the reservation has over 2,800 tribal members who continue to care and live on the land of their ancestors.

The lacrosse clinic was held on Thursday at Nixyaawii School for 25-30 youth and numerous adults. These young individuals were able reconnect with their heritage during the clinic. Several youth really embraced the stick and the game and nearly all witnessed a change in behavior and demeanor. Read more of Rick Roy's experience here.

Medicine Man Launches New Lacrosse Forums and Social Stringers Network

April 1st, 2015

Medicine Man Lacrosse creates new collaborate lacrosse based community that serves the interests of independent lacrosse stringers, lacrosse members and players interested in learning to string their own stick. Our vision was to create a user-centric website with high regard for the community and the individual. Our mission is to create a collaborative environment that connects the community and provides a more integrated and functional hangout for lacrosse players.

The new social community on www.LacrosseFeed.comfeatures a business directory where lacrosse stringers can create a business listing and describe their services, detail their prices and upload their latest works. Stringers can also upload their work and tag by head design or manufacturer name in the portolio section. Players can submit lacrosse head reviews, write stringing tips or discuss topics in the new lacrosse forums.

Our vision has come a long way, and after months of development we are very pleased with the final result. We hope to use Lacrosse Feed as a platform for ideas and technologically advanced way to follow our mission of "Connecting the commnunity through the shared identity of play".



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