Supreme Quality Lacrosse Clothing

Supreme Quality Lacrosse Clothing for the Motivated Laxer

Medicine Man is a company that uses its framework to express the cultural values of lacrosse to its members, and works within its system of values to promote the harmonious understanding of all lacrosse participants - past, present and future.

Medicine Man is a purposeful approach to lacrosse culture, meticulously crafted to reflect an organization whose core values revolves around the player, the game and the community. Each aspect of Medicine Man and the archetype it represents strives to promote the power of imagination, the culture of community, the lifestyle of talent and the self-expressive identity of play.

Our Lacrosse Clothing is made to last. Our lacrosse clothes inclulding lacrosse shirts, lacrosse shorts and lacrosse apparel are produced with the athlete in mind. Our lacrosse clothing is manfuactured to be durable, long lasting and extremely comfortable. Choose from two-pocket sublimination dyed lacrosse shorts or inspirational lacrosse shirts.

Lacrosse Clothing That Motivates On and Off the Field

Beyond schoolwear, Medicine Man Lacrosse promotes a higher calling. It's called the Medicine Game because it heals the mind, heart and body. The Medicine Game connects us to our self, team and community.

Medicine Man Lacrosse motivates players everyday to become the best players of the Medicine Game that they can be (on & off the field) through inspirational, expressive & stylish lacrosse apparel.

Give the Gift of Lacrosse Clothing

Give the Gift of Lacrosse Wear; Quality Medicine Man Apparel for the the everyday laxer that lives, breathes and sleeps lacrosse. Helping your laxer stay focused and motivated on the game. Stay Motivated and Wear Medicine Man. The Culture of Genuine Lacrosse Passion. Love the Game. Live the Game. Share the Game.

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