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Medicine Man Lacrosse aims to provide an experience for the lifetime laxers through our collection of lacrosse shorts for players to express their passion for the game, represent their identity to the world and connect them to a culture wherever and whenever they go. Lacrosse is a connection to a rich heritage and your thousands of hours of dedication. Represent your culture and who you are by wearing a piece of Lacrosse.

Medicine Man Lacrosse strives to create comfortable and wearable garments that embody a unique point of view that encompasses the subtle intricacies of the game, the spirit and nature from its early beginnings and the passion of those who dedicate themselves to the game and those who continue to nurture participation in their communities.

About Lacrosse Shorts

Medicine Man Lacrosse Shorts feature two deep pockets with a drawstring waist. Pockets on Lacrosse Shorts are not common, so these provide a useful adaptation to the athletic lacrosse short. These Lacrosse Shorts are subliminated with color design which means that colors will not fade in the washing machine or dryer. They hold their form, size, color and quality after numerous washes and wear. Medicine Man Lacrosse Shorts are made of 100% polyester.

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Its In Our DNA Shorts

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Lacrosse Wall Practice Shorts

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Language Shorts

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Additional info on Medicine Man Lax Shorts

Medicine Man Lax Shorts are made of 100% Polyester. Polyester is strong, light-weight, resistant to shrinking, stretching, mildew, creasing and the sun. Lacrosse Shorts are hydrophobic in nature and are quick drying. They are easily washed and dried and reain its shape making it great for outdoor clothing, harsh climates and intense athletic activity like lacrosse.

The Medicine Man Wall-Ball Lacrosse Shorts ignify the mechanism by which the dedicated and commited players hone their stick skills. A message of sincerity, these lacrosse shorts are not to be worn as fashionable attire but instead used as habits of greatness. To be worn only at the wall, these lacrosse shorts serve as a reminder that time travels in 2 cycles; day and night. We can't slow down time, but we can make the most of each moment.

The Its in Our DNA Lacrosse Shorts signify the collective identity of the everyday lacrosse players as they participate in their passion with dedication and commitment. This phrase is a symbolic representation of the unique culture of lacrosse and its members.

The Language Lacrosse Shorts represent the fact that lacrosse is played by more than 60 nations around the world. These lax shorts are a symbolic gesture featuring a small portion of the various languages that speak "lacrosse". Because no matter what nation we are from or what language we speak, we still come together to unite under one passion; the love of the game.