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Our mission is to support underprivileged children that want to play lacrosse.

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Lacrosse Clothing by Medicine Man

Medicine Man is a designer apparel company that uses its framework to express the cultural values of lacrosse to its members, and works within its system of values to promote the harmonious assimilation of all lacrosse participants - past, present and future.

Lacrosse Clothing by Medicine Man is a purposeful approach to lacrosse culture, meticulously crafted to reflect an organization whose core values revolves around the player, the game and the community. Each aspect of Medicine Man and the archetype it represents strives to promote the power of imagination, the culture of community, the lifestyle of talent and the self-expressive identity of play. Lacrosse Clothing by Medicine Man has become the extension of efforts to promote, develop and market lacrosse attune to the archetype of the Medicine Man.

Our Lacrosse Shorts and Our Lacrosse Shirts are designed with the specific purpose of nourishing our mission, so that Medicine Man is able to advocate and support the health and well-being of the game. Our mission since our founding in 2011 is simple, to use a portion of sales to provide physicial and educational resources to underprivileged children that desire to play lacrosse but have little to no opportunities to do so. With the support of the lacrosse community and our fans, we will continue to do just that. 

An illustrative depiction of the Medicine Man perched on the cliff’s edge, this lacrosse shirt design captures the essence of “The Creator’s Game”. Delivered down from the heavens and given to the Native Americans as a gift from “The Creator”, lacrosse was played as a spiritual tribule to life as well as a sacred form of healing.

Lacrosse Clothing Creators Game Shirt

The Medicine Man was the leader, the initiator of the lacrosse movement that brought the community together to play the game of Lacrosse. Medicine Man decided the date, location, duration, number of players and type of equipment used for the lacrosse game. This shirt respectfully honors all that is Medicine Man.


“It starts at the Wall” Lacrosse shirt. An expression that defines the root of success, the everyday laxers understand that to be great at their craft, one must dedicate themselves entirely to the task at hand. The “It starts at the Wall Lacrosse T-Shirt” illustrates this understanding and depicts dedication and the triumph that will accompany it.

Lacrosse Clothing Starts at the Wall Shirt

“It’s in our DNA” lacrosse shirt. This phrase is used to signify the collective identity of the everyday lacrosse players as they participate in their passion with dedication and commitment. This shirt describes a symbolic representation of the unique culture of lacrosse and its members whom believe the game lives in their DNA.

Lacrosse Clothing DNA Shirt

Lacrosse is a game played by more than 60 nations around the world. These lax shorts are a symbolic gesture featuring a small portion of the various languages that speak "lacrosse". Because no matter what nation we are from or what language we speak, we still come together to unite under one passion; the love of the game.

"Wall-Ball". A verb used by the everyday lacrosse players to signify the mechanism by which the dedicated and commited players hone their stick skills. These lacrosse shorts are crafted from a message of sincerity, these lacrosse shorts are not to be worn as fashionable attire but instead worn in habits of greatness.

To be worn only at the wall, these lacrosse shorts serve as a reminder that time travels in 2 cycles; day and night. We don't have control over the passing suns, but we do control how we respond to moments and opportunities we are given. These Lacrosse Shorts are 100% polyester and feature 2 deep side pockets and a drawstring waist.

“It’s In Our DNA”. A phrase used to signify the collective identity of the everyday lacrosse players as they participate in their passion with dedication and commitment. To many lacrosse feels as if it is entwined in the fabric of our DNA. These shorts capture this phrase through the double helix aligning the sides.

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